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Cultural Heritage

Anoxic Preservation

Cultural Heritage anoxic preservation sollution:
  • Treatment of insect infested artifacts
  • Protection against aerobic microbial and anaerobic bacterial growth
  • Prevention of humidity damage
  • Optimum conservation conditions
  • Fire prevention

By the control of oxygen, gasses, temperature and humidity, the anoxic preservation (or controlled atmosphere) system protects your artifacts against insect infestations, humidity and other biological damage.

Cultural Heritage

The anoxic preservation system, based on controlled atmosphere technolgy, can regulate and control the air inside individual rooms or showcases with a 2% accuracy. Unique about the anoxic preservation system is the possibility to create an inert atmosphere. Apart from vermin, artifacts and art are often highly susceptible to aerobic microbial and anaerobic bacterial growth. By exhibiting or storing artifacts in a controlled atmosphere, biological growth can be deterred and surface oxidation and color fading drastically reduced.

Therefore, this controlled atmosphere preservation system provides a total and cost-effective solution to prevent deterioration of organic objects by protecting them from the effects of humidity changes, biological attacks such as insects, as well as from thermal and photo chemically induced oxidation. b-Cat has realised many anoxic preservation systems in archives, depots and storages, as well as in show cases of museums to prevent valuable artifacts from ageing.

Controlled Atmosphere technology is also used in other areas such as insect treatment, fire prevention and simulated high altitude training. If you are interested in other b-Cat activities, please visit our universal website



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